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Full Color/Full Bleed Printing


Files must be submitted in Press Ready format. Files that are not Press Ready will be subject to additional surcharges. To avoid fees and production delays, please have your files prepared for output before uploading them.


File Requirements



  • File Formats: JPG / PDF / TIFF / EPS / PSD / AI 

  • Native Formats: QuarkXpress / InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop

  • Fonts: Outlined or PostScript Type 1

  • 300 DPI Resolution in CMYK or Grayscale

  • 1/8″ Bleed and 1/8″ Safety


An 1/8″ bleed is required on all files submitted. Keep all text and important information (including logos) at least 1/8″ inside the trim line. Cutting can and will vary, up to 1/8″. If you have information (or thin borders) within 1/8″ of trim, they may be cut off.

Screen Printing


Proper file setup ensures that your files print as you intended without production delays.


File Requirements



  • Vector Files Required: PDF / EPS / AI



  • Native Formats: QuarkXpress / CorelDraw / Illustrator

  • Fonts: Outlined or PostScript Type 1

  • All art should be at the exact size you want it to appear on your garment.

  • Leave your background color transparent or match it to the apparel color in your order.

  • If your files do not meet these requirements please consult your Account Manager.

Large Format Printing


Proper file setup ensures that your files print as you intended without production delays.


File Requirements



  • Vector Files: PDF / EPS / AI

  • Raster Files: PDF / PSD / PSB / TIFF / JPG / PNG



  • Large Format File Guidelines

  • Ensure that all raster files (or linked images) are built at least 150 ppi. Lower ppi’s are acceptable if your viewers will be seeing the artwork from a distance. 

  • Rasterize or Outline any type layers.

  • Remember to keep adequate space for grommets, hems, wind slits or pole pockets.

  • If using a design template, do not flatten the artwork onto the template.

  • If your files do not meet these requirements — or if your artwork is not optimized for the printing process — please consult with your Account Manager.





With embroidery you can send us any type of file.


  • Vector or Raster Files: PDF / EPS / AI / JPG / GIF / PNG



These files will be used for reference to create your embroidery file. There will almost always be a setup fee for embroidery because your logo will have to be digitized. Digitizing is a specialized process that only embroidery professionals can setup. Email us your file and we'll give you a quote on the setup fee.


If you have had your logo embroidered before and you want to use the same file with no changes, we may be able to use the file you already have. If that's the case, send us your digitized file and we'll check it out.


  • Digitzed Files: DST / EMB

File Prep


Because we offer so many different products, we have several different guidelines for different types of printing. Here are our basic guidelines for setting up your press-ready files. Don't forget, we're just a phone call away. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call at 626-444-5293.

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